We value the personal and friendly customer service we provide. Our customers are our family.

Charwen Farms; a family owned elevator built on dedication and devotion to our customers and this continues to be our purpose!


Charwen Farms began as a small grain drying business on the home farm of Robert (Bob) and Wendy Kerr in Ivy, Ontario in 1966. It began with a capacity to store up to 3,300 bushels of grain. Bob and Wendy raised a family of four children; Scott, Heather, Mark and Warren, while running the business from their home in Ivy. Slowly the business developed into a complete grain handling operation when a platform scale, grain drying and trucking operation were added. As years went on, new bins were built to keep up with customer demands. As the children got older; each one has been a part of the business.

Fact: The Charwen name came from the love of Wendy and Charolais cattle.


Today, Charwen Farms has 15 employees and  is run by Warren and his wife, Tanya. Bob and Wendy still take part in running the business and sons; Mark, Scott, and Nelson (grandson) are full time employees and Nolan (grandson) works part time.

Currently, Charwen farms has a capacity to store 1.4 million bushels of grain, can dry 4,400 bushels an hour and has the ability to unload 20,000 bushel per hour!

We offer timely and dependable services to make sure you're always taken care of!

We Ship

Our Charwen Carriers trucking company can provide you with off-farm to elevator trucking. We work hard all year, but especially during harvest to provide our customers with additional support to get the grain out of the fields and to our elevator for processing. Then, we work during the year on moving grain from our facility to the mills for processing to prepare for the next harvest. You can trust Charwen to get the job done and get it done right.

We Store

We have the capacity of storing 1.4 million bushels of grain and have 2 pits that provide 20,000 bushel per hour receiving. We receive corn, crusher soybeans, food-grade soybeans, soft red and white winter wheat, hard red winter wheat, spring wheat, canola and barley.


Our loyal customers trust us enough to call us for information on selling their grain. Before and after harvest we are available to talk to you about booking forward contracts, selling the grain that you may have in storage, and booking future target orders. Having said that, we realize everyone has different strategies and commitments, but whatever your strategy may be we can provide you with the team you need to get the results you are looking for in the time frame you need it done.

Join the Charwen Farms Family!

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